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Six major curriculum systems

Six major curriculum systems

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Education covers

Knowledge accumulation and learning ability, language expression ability, good living habits, social intercourse ability, curiosity and exploration ability, big movement and fine movement, tactile perception, emotional control ability, good personality and personality charm, aesthetic ability, devote to the cultivation of children's overall quality and perfect personality.

learning model

The use of professional thematic teaching, as well as the baby can easily grasp the guiding language for teaching, give the baby a comprehensive guidance and training courses. The balanced development of EQ, PQ, IQ and so on.

Learning object

6~72 months old baby, the main course two hours per week, supplementary education services. Enjoy the best early education in the world to meet the outstanding life in the future.

The core idea of Montessori's teaching method is:

Absorbent mind:0~3 years old, unconscious absorption, 3~6 years old meaningful absorption.

Sensitive period:Order, movement, detail, social, sensory, reading, writing, language, spatial relationships, music, mathematics

Experiential Teaching:I forgot when I heard it. I memorized it when I saw it, and I understood it when I did it.

Mixed age education:Create a real social environment, mixed age cooperation mode can promote learning effect.

Freedom and rules:Free activity is the main way to form true discipline, and true discipline must be based on free activity.

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